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Holding Group

About KFB Holding Group

KFB Holding Group was founded by Mr. Khalid AlBoayz, a first generation entrepreneur, in 1981. He has brought with him a considerable sense of ethics and responsibility to his employees, partners, and customers. Mr. AlBoayz is firmly committed to bringing the latest products and technologies to Saudi Arabia, while ensuring that they are suited and suitably re-engineered for local conditions.

As President of KFB Holding Group, Mr. AlBoayz has implemented and upheld the best business practices, making it one of the trusted companies in the GCC region.

Group History

  • 1981 :Mr. AlBoayz established a consumer electronics division for white goods under the name Khalid AlBoayz Group for Contracting. He also sets up Radya International. Together, the companies are involved in diverse activities that include:
    • Household appliances and consumer electronics
    • Trading in air-conditioners and spare parts
    • Electro-mechanical contracting (specializing in air-conditioning) Building material and hardware.
  • 1995 :Mr. AlBoayz enters into a transfer of technology agreement with M/s.Iskraemeco, Slovenia to manufacture kilowatt hour meters (kWh meters) in Saudi Arabia under the newly formed Middle East Electric Meter Factory (MEMF).
  • 1997 :The MEMF Electrical Industries Co. (MEMF) starts production
  • 2003 :Power Telecom & Technologies (PTT) is founded by partnering with leading telecom and power equipment manufacturers from across the world. This is a trading company that will address Saudia Arabia’s booming power sector.
  • 2004 :META Switchgear Co. (formerly MEMF-ETA Switchgear Manufacturing Co.) is established for testing and commissioning of high, medium and low voltage switchgear, transformers, control and relay panels, DC systems, etc. Initially the assembling is done in MEMF’s premises.
  • 2006 :EXAP Projects (formerly Saudi-DOL Electric Company) is started to provide optimized maintenance solutions for rotating machines.
  • 2006 :MEMF-COTMAC Automation Systems Co. (MEMF-COTMAC)is established to provide cost-effective automation solutions.
  • 2008 :Saudi Federal Transformers LLC (SFTL) is established for the manufacture of distribution transformers and factory is operationalized.
  • 2008 :META Switchgear Co. (formerly MEMF-ETA Switchgear Manufacturing Co.) moves into its own factory.