An IMS Certified Company
ISO 9001:2015 | ISO 45001:2018 | ISO 14001:2015


EXAP is committed in providing a safe, healthy and positive working environment for all its employees and those under its care.

We aim to eliminate all class-one accidents (an accident that results in fatality or permanently alters a person’s life) and to minimize, and ultimately eliminate, all lost-time accidents on our sites.

Safety management committees undertake monthly safety audits of every project, to ensure their compliance with the safety policy and international certification ISO 45001:2018 for occupational health and safety system.

Creating Safest Work Places

We consider our employees our most precious resource. Every one of us is a very important asset and his health and safety is very dear to us. HSE features prominently in our planning process where due consideration is given to creating safe work environment for all our employees and other resources deployed. We practice Total Safety Task Instruction (TSTI) wherein every one of us carries out job safety analysis before he commences an activity, evaluates work-related risks and takes proactive measure for their mitigation. The process is documented and provides right to every worker to stop work if found unsafe.

IMS Certificate